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    Tweet Relief! Kim Kardashian, Diddy, Ryan Seacrest, More Celebrate Chilean Miner Rescue

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    Kim Kardashian, Chilean Miners
    Kim Kardashian, Chilean Miners Jeffrey Ufberg/WireImage; Nicolas Torres /LatinContent/Getty Images

    Whether you're Team David or Team Fidelity Courteney, whether you're rooting for Bristol Palin or prefer to throw your support behind someone with a pulse, whether you love Ryan Seacrest or love love Ryan Seacrest (what?), there's one thing everyone seems to agree on.

    It doesn't get much more unifying or joyful as the Chilean miners' rescue.

    So we interrupt your regularly scheduled scandalmongering to bring you the grateful words of Kim Kardashian, Nicky Hilton, Diddy, Carrie Ann Inaba, Joel McHale, Josh Groban, Erin Andrews, Jordin Sparks, Derek Hough, Ricky Martin, Jenna Dewan and, of course Seacrest, all of whom were just some of the stars to tweet their relief as the first miners were plucked from the blackness.

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    KimKardashian: Wow seriously in tears watching this Chilean miners getting released on CNN! What a tough struggle they made it through!!!

    RyanSeacrest: If ur just waking up, 12 miners have been rescued in Chile, 21 to go. AMAZING work from all involved!

    TheRealJordin (Jordin Sparks): Lost it when the little boy saw his father. So happy these men are finally getting out of that Chilean mine. One Step at a time… :)

    MissyElliott: The Chileans Miners will be a Testimony of how Real God is! Such a Blessing to see them healthy and n Great Spirits!

    Jennaldewan (Jenna Dewan-Tatum): I know, unbelievable! RT @KrisLia: there are 33 HUMAN BEINGS being rescued from over 2,000 feet under ground right now, show them some love!

    OfficialDHough (Derek Hough): Bless those miners…Pray pray pray…!!!!

    NickyHilton: So happy the Chilean miners are being rescued and reunited with their families!

    ricky_martin: CHI CHI CHI LE LE LE!!!! VENGA!!!! #FUERZAMINEROS

    joshgroban: I'm in total awe watching CNN right now. Hard to believe this is actually happening. I'll be awake until they're all out. #minersrescue

    carrieanninaba: SO HAPPY about the rescue efforts going on for the Chilean miners. God bless them all and those who are helping them get home! AMEN!!!

    AnnCurry: Great news to wake up to: 8 miners now rescued in Chile.. 25 to go

    tmorello (Tom Morello): THE MINERS ARE COMING TO SAFETY!! 2 UP!! 3rd ON WAY!! HALLELUJAH!

    NiaVardalos: Am crying watching the Chilean miners being rescued. We can be such jerks-it's nice to see humankind at our best.

    ItsChelseaStaub: The first miner in Chile rises from the dark! Thanks to the amazing rescuers who have worked non-stop to rekindle the light in these lives.

    OfficialAmandaHolden: Historic rescue of miners in Chile. I've Been Crying tears of joy this morning! Sky news now xx

    TiaCarrere: Chile! Chile! Chile! Chile! Chile! Chile! Chile! Chile!

    ErinAndrews: Well said.. RT @kurt13warner: Praising God for rescue efforts in Chile, praying all 33 r safe & health! Miracles still happen all around us!

    iamdiddy (Diddy): Theyre streaming live from the Chilean Mine Rescue --->

    GavinRossdale: bush16rcz RT @SoMelificent: First Chilean miner is out!!! I can't even imagine how their family must feel at this moment. #amazingmoments

    joelmchale: RT @ikpanderson: In Japan this whole mine rescue thing is known as a "Game Show".

    JoshMalina: What an insane publicity coup it would have been if David Blaine had somehow been the first one brought up.

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