They're young, hot and, for the most part, single. They're the Kardashian sisters, so of course, we're all used to seeing some coquettish behavior out of the Lithesome Threesome.

But from mom? Very. Married. Mom?

Viewers of Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians (and Kris's own hubby, Bruce Jenner) get an eyeful of just such behavior.

Or do they?

Seems the parental units are taking Kris's fine young specimen of a trainer, Storm, out on a dinner date to set him up with a young woman, but the sparks just aren't flying. To the contrary, there does seem to be a little electricity generated between Kris and Storm. Much to Bruce's ire.

Is it  merely innocent friendliness—or something more? Watch the clip, then take the poll!

Flirts or Friends?
Is something brewing between Kris and Storm?
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