On the heels of his rapidly successful take-on of a certain sensitivity-challenged movie trailer, Anderson Cooper has taken the natural next step and this week sat down with noted gay rights advocate Eminem.

To talk about cussing. Now how's that for range?

"Profanity around my house? No," the shockingly curse-averse rapper said in an interview with 60 Minutes set to air Sunday night. "I'm not saying there's not glimpses of me in the music, [that] there's not truth in…things that I say. But this is music, this is my art.

"I'm a parent. I have daughters. I mean, how would I really sound, as a person…walking around my house [saying], 'Bitch, pick this up,' you know what I mean? I don't cuss."

And just in case there's anyone out there still laboring under the impression that Em is trying to fashion himself into some kind of role model for the youths, think again.

"I feel like it's your job to parent them," he said. "If you're a parent, be a parent."

And if you're a rhyming dictionary, piss off. Oh, sorry, Marshall: Um…pee off.

Behold the craftsman at work: "People say that the word orange doesn't rhyme with anything and that kind of pisses me off because I can think of a lot of things that rhyme with orange."

Like what? Funny you should ask…

"If you enunciate it and make it more than one syllable…I put my orange four-inch door hinge in storage and ate porridge with George."

Trust us, this one might not translate to print, but it works. Besides, you wanna be the one to call Em a liar?

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