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Joey Fatone has started a mini campaign to get ''N Sync on Glee, and while Corey Monteith didn't seem to have any objections (or seem overly enthused), one cast member is proudly all for it.

Any guesses as to which former boy-bander is giving the thumbs up to invite Justin Timberlake and the gang to set?

Our fave Glee hottie Matthew Morrison!

"I don't have any involvement in the writing process, you know I just show up and say the lines, but I would actually love that," M.M. told us at this week's Rape Treatment Center fundraiser, about the possibility of doing an 'N Sync episode.

"I was a part of a boy band when I was younger," the Glee stud admitted, shaking his head. "You know I appreciate it, but, uh, yeah..."

See, M.M. used to part of the boy band LMNT, so we think he appreciates what boy bands had to offer but maybe not his experience specifically. Matt's been quoted before saying that was the worst year of his life when he was with LMNT.

"You know though, 'N Sync was awesome," smiled Matt. "I'll admit it! I really liked them."

Not kidding, we think this only makes him hotter.

Still, part of the reason Morrison is cool with incorporating the lighthearted pop aspect is because they can keep it serious too, like last night's episode:

"The religious episode about faith—I think is a great episode. That's the great thing about our show, last week we had Britney Spears, a pop eye-candy kind of episode, and this week it's so heavy. That's what I love."

That's what we heart about it too, especially since Ryan Murphy and his crew stays on top of current social issues, like the gay suicide epidemic.

And FYI, we totally agree with some of you. The show obviously should address the gay element—but also bullying in general. Neither is OK.

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