Glee, Britney Spears, Heather Morris

Adam Rose/FOX

Heather Morris isn't on Twitter but she did hear that she was quite a hot topic after her Glee episode with Britney Spears aired last week, which she thought was "amazing".

"I don't do Twitter but all the kids came on set that day and were like 'Just so you know, Britney's Tweeting about you and you're number two on the trending topics' and I got all these emails," Heather told me.

And the pop star even sent Heather a special delivery after their episode...

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"She sent me flowers saying 'Good job! Love, Britney' so I'm gonna make her something and send it to her," Heather said.

In fact, the actress already has an idea of what she wants to send Brit Brit.

"I'm not a flowers girl so I'm trying to figure out something I can do. I wanna make her a mug with our picture on it. Maybe she'll keep it,"  Heather added.

We're pretty sure she will.

Heather also said she's super excited about another A-list who we originally reported was coming to their set: Gwyneth Paltrow.

"I read the episode and I was peeing my pants. I'm so excited!" she told me.

Heather was on hand Sunday for to support a serious cause: the Rape Treatment Center's benefit brunch at Greenacres estate.

"They keeping thanking us for being involved but weirdly enough, we're thanking them because...we're given this opportunity now that we're in such a high place to give back," she told me.

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