Joey Fatone

Adrian Varnedoe,

After that Britney Spears episode of Glee knocked everybody's boas off, it's no surprise that pop stars are crawling out of the woodwork wearing William McKinley letter jackets.

This week, has-been Joey Fatone threw it out there that maybe he and the boys could get some of that. As much as we'd love to see cameo-master Justin Timberlake make the moves on Rachel Berry...

...we're advising Glee (if they should ask, of course) to keep it strictly A-list. Madonna worked, Lady Gaga worked, Britney, obviously. But once you start heading down the 'N Sync road, who's next? Vanilla Ice? Color Me Badd?

Remember, 'N Sync wasn't even the second biggest boy band, back in the day.

Which got us thinking, who should get the Glee treatment?

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Who deserves a Glee episode more than 'N Sync?
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