Howard Stern, Bedbug

Stephen Lovekin/Wireimage

What's eating Howard Stern? Don't ask.

The shock jock got a bit of a shock himself over the weekend when bedbugs infiltrated his New York City offices.

Stern confessed this morning on his Sirius XM Radio show that the insidious little bloodsuckers also invaded his limousine and were only detected after specially trained canines sniffed them out.

Stern said that exterminators fumigated the infested areas, and as of Monday, his limo and midtown headquarters were "100 percent bedbug-free."

"The only place in New York City that probably is 100 percent bed bug-free...[but] I'm scratching every minute," he said.

Bedbugs were once thought to have been eradicated during the 1960s thanks to widespread use of DDT. But with the pesticide now banned (turns out it also does some funky stuff to people), the critters have been making a comeback—and Stern thinks he knows who to blame:

"Hippies with their goddamn DDT-inhibition!"

Forget hippies, this gives us the heebies just thinking about it.

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