Justin Timberlake, Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network

Merrick Morton/Columbia Pictures

Poor Mark Zuckerberg.

With the upcoming release of The Social Network, a film that depicts the messy origins of Facebook, the website's founder and CEO may be having a hard time getting anyone to confirm his friend requests.

On the bright side, the world's youngest billionaire can always find solace in the company of Jesse Eisenberg

Eisenberg, who portrays Zuckerberg in the film, expressed a desire to bond with the Internet mogul, even going as far as inviting him out for fast food. 

"I'd like to go to a Johnny Rockets with Mark to get some shakes," Eisenberg said when asked what he'd do if he ever encountered Zuckerberg in real life. 

But even milkshakes might not be enough to diffuse the tension of that man date, however.

While Jesse describes a "great affection for [his] character," movie audiences are likely to feel otherwise. The film version of Zuckerberg is acerbic and cutthroat—qualities that, while entertaining, aren't always ideal for your best bud (imagine the snarky comments he might post on your Facebook wall). 

Still, who knows, Jesse? A well-timed poke could have you and Mark sharing a bromance in no time.


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