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Get out your inhalers and prepare for outrage, geeks. While Justin Timberlake may be portraying Web wunderkind and entrepreneur Sean Parker in The Social Network, the prince of pop is not only less Internet-savvy than his Napster-founding alter ego—he's completely inept.

"I'm ridiculously stupid when it comes to social networking," Timberlake announced at a press conference for the soon-to-be-released film, which chronicles the rise of the mighty Facebook empire.

Not that it's any sweat off his Sexy Back. While peers such as Kanye West, Katy Perry and Timberlake's own ex Britney Spears have become proud members of the Twitterati and ubiquitous web personalities, Justin himself derives little enjoyment from 140-character forms of self-expression or all-caps blog posts.

When asked if he had any recent Internet obsessions, the star admitted that he had none, before going on to joke that he's "three years clean [from the Internet]." (So who's been tweeting for you, Justin?)

So, does the multi-faceted Timberlake judge those of us who spend the better part of our days tagging photos or e-stalking high school boyfriends? The answer is no. Justin assures us that he recognizes the value of social networking sites, especially when it comes to the level of user control. "[Facebook] is a party and you're throwing it," he says.

The former boy band member also took time to comment on the current state of the music industry, particularly with regard to music videos. "There's no point to making them anymore," he remarked, adding that they were headed towards extinction like "dinosaur[s]."

Perhaps this is your sign to get on the Internet, JT! Had you been hanging with us Web nerds, you would have known that Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" video has been viewed nearly 300 million times on YouTube (not exactly a death rattle for the medium).

On the other hand, maybe all that time he'll save not making videos and not being on Facebook will free him more hilarious cameos like the one below on the new season of SNL.


And while you're waiting for JT and company to light up the multiplex next week, check out some Totally New Releases.

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