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    Who's Ready for the Michael Jackson Video Game?

    Michael Jackson AP Photo/Reed Saxon

    We'll be the first on the dance floor when a Michael Jackson song comes on because, trust, we love a classic M.J. tune. That said, we weren't releasing doves outside the courthouse, so take this for what you will: We're confused on where Michael's legacy is going, especially with a video game coming out next year called Planet Michael.

    We'd be happy to pay for the greatest hits, but who are they expecting to put any money into this thing?

    The computer game is an online alternate reality of sorts, where users dance their way through worlds inspired by Michael's music while meeting up with other avatars donning sequined gloves and shiny shoes. It'll be a free download, sure, but your Lil' Michael buys stuff with real cash.

    Sounds, um, fun—we guess.

    But the bigger question is: Who the hell will be playing this game?

    We're sure that the aforementioned dove lady will be in there, as will a handful of other middle-aged fans still trying to prove postmortem innocence for the idol, but the truth is that it's a little cuckoo crazy to market this game to 13-year-olds.

    Where's the Michael Jackson video game that let's you earn extra points for dangling your masked child over the balcony? Or the one that lets you make an avatar that undergoes massive amounts of plastic surgery?

    We'd have to be drinking some serious Jesus juice (out of a soda can, of course) to plop down and play this baby. But who are we to judge if it's how you want to spend your time.

    Just stay out of virtual Neverland if you're under 18!

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