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Trust, we've got no problem with über-gorgeous movie stars talking about their sex lives. We love it, actually! We can't help but wonder, though, why James Franco—a dude who's always been opinionated but who usually spends more time talking about his flicks than his, well, "effing"—has been spouting off on his sex life so much lately.

What do you think has gotten into this bedroom blabbermouth?

First, there were those totally, um, interesting—that's a nicer word than BS, no?—quotes about the pent-up sexual tension in Twilight. But that was only the tip of the horny iceberg.

When he isn't reading Breaking Dawn, seems James is quite the chronic masturbator. While promoting 127 Hours—his latest film about a rock climber who has to cut off his own arm—J.F. chatted about how he likes to have "alone time" four to five times a day. Guess we can't blame the guy; he is awfully good-looking, afterall.

The cherry on top of the sex sundae was J's interview  with Advocate magazine, in which the randy hunk promised that if he were gay, he'd be more than happy to come clean to the mag. Seems nice in theory, but trust, James, it's not as simple as you think.

So why do you think Mr. Franco can't keep his trap shut about all things sexual? Or do you not care as long as he keeps dishing the dirt?

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Why can¿t James Franco stop talking about sex?

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