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  1. The Roots, Madden Bowl XX at the Bud Light Hotel

    The Roots, Run DMC and Busta Rhymes Take Over the Bud Light Hotel--See the Performance Pics!

  2. Jessie James, Eric Decker

    11 Reasons to Prove Jessie James Will Be Eric Decker’s Biggest Fan on Super Bowl Sunday

  3. Tim Tebow, Puppies

    Tim Tebow Saves Puppies From Burning Buildings, Delivers Babies and More in T-Mobile 2014 Super Bowl Ads—Watch Now!

  4. Russell Wilson

    Russell Wilson, Eric Decker and More: Meet The Hottest Guys of Super Bowl XLVIII

  5. Cam Newton, Bud Light Hotel Blue Carpet

    The Bud Light Hotel's Concert Series Kicks Off--See the Blue Carpet Pics

  6. Super Bowl, Party

    Super Bowl Party Decorations and Eats: Mini Foam Finger Invites, Football Jersey Cookies and More!

  7. Chrissy Teigen, John Legend

    Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Playing Against Each Other in DirecTV Beach Bowl! Plus, More Celeb Players Announced

  8. Michelle Obama

    Michelle Obama Attending the Puppy Bowl With Sunny and Bo!

  9. Seahawk Fan, Superbowl tickets

    This Guy Surprised His Mom With Super Bowl Tickets, and Her Reaction Is Priceless

  10. Eric Decker, Throwback Thursday

    Check Out Eric Decker's Adorable High School Football Pics—Throwback Thursday for the Super Bowl-Bound Star!

  11. Foo Fighters

    The Foo Fighters Are Recording a New Album--Take a Look Back at Their Five Best Songs to Date!

  12. Ellen Degeneres

    Ellen DeGeneres Reveals Her Beats Music Super Bowl Commercial—Watch Now!

  13. Most Memorable Super Bowl Ad, Budweiser Puppy Love

    This Budweiser Commercial Is the Cutest Super Bowl Ad We've Ever Seen—Watch It Now!

  14. Imagine Dragons, Grammys

    5 Things to Know About Grammy-Winning Rock Band Imagine Dragons

  15. Super Bowl Party Must Haves, Bud Light

    Beer Makes Everything Better--5 Cocktail Recipes Made With Beer!

  16. Anna Faris

    Anna Faris Talks Super Bowl Superstitions, Says She's Rooting for the Seahawks

  17. Teddy the Porcupine, predicting Superbowl

    Teddy the Porcupine Picked the Winner of the 2014 Super Bowl, So You Don't Have to Watch the Game Now

  18. The Roots

    The Roots' Best Musical Moments on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

  19. Carrie Underwood

    Carrie Underwood, Channing Tatum and More Stars Are Huge Football Fans--Check Out the Teams They Root For!

  20. Scarlett Johansson, SodaStream

    Scarlett Johansson Makes Soda Water Sexy in New Super Bowl Commercial: Watch Now

  21. Richard Sherman, Peyton Manning

    Football 101: Your Basic Cheat Sheet to the 2014 Super Bowl

  22. Bud Light Hotel, Concert

    The Bud Light Hotel Is On Its Way--Check Out the Venue's Best Moments from 2013!

  23. Scarlett Johansson

    Scarlett Johansson Stands by SodaStream Ad After Being Criticized for Working With West Bank-Based Company

  24. Kevin Jonas, Danielle Jonas

    Kevin and Danielle Jonas Renting Out New Jersey Home for $20,000 Over Super Bowl Weekend

  25. Russell Wilson, Peyton Manning

    Super Bowl Date Change: 10 Things to Do If You Suddenly Have That Sunday Free

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