Jeremy London

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If not his wife, mom or twin brother, Jeremy London has apparently convinced prosecutors that he was kidnapped at gunpoint in Palm Springs.

A preliminary hearing to determine whether there's enough evidence to send Brandon Adams to trial on charges including kidnapping, carjacking and robbery has been set for Sept. 29, the Riverside District Attorney's Office confirmed to E! News Monday.

Adams has maintained that he didn't abduct London and that any drug-addled shenanigans the two got up to were entirely consensual.

"We have reviewed all of the evidence, very carefully, we are very thorough, and we do look at every angle," D.A. spokesman Michael Jeandron tells E! News.

"That is our job. We have a responsibility to evaluate evidence and make determinations and to hold individuals accountable when we believe—and can prove—they committed a crime. The evidence we have to us indicates Brandon Adams committed kidnapping, carjacking and robbery."

So London can count the Riverside D.A.'s Office among his stalwart supporters.

The 7th Heaven star, who will next be seen battling his demons on Celebrity Rehab, unsuccessfully tried to secure a permanent injunction against his mother, Deborah Nielsen, and twin Jason London after the pair expressed—to put it lightly—misgivings about Jeremy's story.

London's wife, Melissa Cunningham, originally stood by her man, but then backtracked and told reporters she instead figured the incident was "a drug deal gone bad."


We hope the tots in our Celeb Trend: Twins! gallery stay just as simpatico when they grow up.

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