Susan Boyle,  Lou Reed

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Hey, Susan Boyle, you suck!

OK, that's not exactly what Lou Reed said to the Scottish songbird, but that's how the YouTube-powered star interpreted it when the iconic rocker refused to let her sing one of his classic tunes on this week's America's Got Talent.

But did he really make her cry?

You bet, according to her manager, who says as much in an email obtained by TMZ.

Boyle was all set to sing "Perfect Day" on the show Wednesday, but just two hours before the performance she was banned from performing the track.

She was said to be "devastated" and "in tears" when she got word of his diss. 

In an email her manager fired off to the production company behind the show, he claimed it was because Reed didn't approve of her singing chops.

"Susan was absolutely devastated to be told on the morning of the show taping that Lou Reed had personally decided to block her singing his already much covered song, 'Perfect Day,' on America's Got Talent in L.A. We obviously had no idea of this prior to leaving London. None of us can understand the decision given that it's such a beautiful rendition of the song."

But Reed has denied any personal issues with Boyle. A rep for the Velvet Underground rocker told Access Hollywood that it wasn't personal and that the song simply was not cleared for use in the U.S.

As for why SuBo pulled out instead of changing her tune, her manager explains the short notice and said she had "no other new song rehearsed."

The 49-year-old songbird was all set to perform the huge number with a backup choir of 100 kids, but was so shaken with the time constraint, she had refused to perform at all and quit, leaving CBS Studios in L.A. to head home to Scotland.

Quitting? Hightailing it home? What happened to the F-bomb Susan we all know and love?

We would have preferred to see her walk on the wild side with a little improv number and go on with the show.

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