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Highly photographed heiress Paris Hilton isn't ready for any close-ups right now—she's lying low at her home in L.A. since her arrest in Vegas last Friday.

"She's devastated," a source close to Paris tells me about the incident.

So far, the only people she's been spending time with since her return are...

Boyfriend Cy Waits and her family.

"We're all hoping people will truly take seriously that she's innocent until proven guilty," another source tells E! News.

Paris tweeted last night: "These rumors going around are so ridiculous, untrue and cruel. I'm not going to even pay attention to them, because I know the truth."

Despite reports that the heiress has been blackballed from Vegas after her arrest, a source says her manager is fielding requests for her to host Labor Day parties this weekend for more than $100,000.

"They're trying to capitalize on press from the situation, but she's turning them all down and staying at home with Cy, her family and her pets," the source tells us.

And Paris isn't assuming she'll get off on probation for the felony charge if indicted, given her previous 23-day stint in jail when an L.A. judge seemed intent on making an example of her.

"She's taking this very seriously," the source says.

Also taking the incident seriously is Waits' now former boss, Steve Wynn.

As E! News reported Saturday, Cy was fired, as head of nightclub operations (a job he held along with his twin brother) after Friday's arrest. The hotel confirmed the news today:

"Cy Waits has been separated from the company and is free to pursue other interests. Wynn has no further comment on this matter," said Wednesday's statement.

Oh, and the Wynn Las Vegas and neighboring Encore hotel are not part of the pack extending party offers to Paris. The heiress is no longer welcome at either establishment, a spokeswoman for Wynn Resorts confirmed.

But there's some (possibly) good news for her boyfriend. According to the Clark County district attorney, Cy's case is still in the screening process and a criminal complaint has not yet been filed.

According to the arrest report, he failed a field sobriety test before agreeing to undergo a blood test. Officials may be waiting for the results before pressing any charges.

—Additional reporting by Ken Baker and Claudia Rosenbaum


At least Paris looks pretty in her mug-shot.

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