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    Carpet Quotes! "No One's Covering Their Own Bits!"

    Television's hottest stars weren't at a loss for words as they made their way down the Emmys red carpet. Check out everything they had to say:

    "My leg's covering his bits. My hand's covering his bits. And his hand's covering one of my bits...and no one's covering their own bits."
    True Blood's Anna Paquin on the cast's recent Rolling Stone cover

    "He's literally eating like a girl right now. Cory's been so terrified. He's been dieting. He looks amazing."
    Lea Michele, on Glee costar Cory Monteith's anxiety over possibly appearing in a "mankini" in an upcoming episode

    "I haven't heard about that? What is that? I would hope that if someone did throw eggs at my car they would at least have the common courtesy to throw some mushrooms and some peppers so I could at least make a damn omelet."
    Glee's Mark Saling on the rumors of damage to his car

    "It's the crazy calm before the ridiculous storm. I'm trying to prep as much as I can, but there's only so much you can do."
    Neil Patrick Harris on becoming a father

    "I'm threatening all of them. The boys are terrified they're going to have to be near naked on national television."
    Glee creator Ryan Murphy on which guy will be wearing the gold lamé briefs in an upcoming Rocky Horror-themed episode

    "Oh come on, what are you trying to do to me?! I'll rehearse with him over and over again!"
    Glee's Jane Lynch when told Javier Bardem may be appearing on the hit show as an ex flame

    "It's part of my contract for my family to be embarrassed every time I get on television."
    Joel McHale, on his seemingly constant onscreen "nudity"

    "Eh, he was kind of a schmuck. He's very cocky and wants to have his own thing."
    Glee's Matthew Morrison joking about Neil Patrick Harris' appearance on the show

    "That sounded great! I didn't know you spoke so fluently!"
    Steve Carell, impressed at how easily wife Nancy Walls pronounced designer Monique Lhullier

    "He's leaving on such bad terms. He was stealing things. He burned his trailer down. I was like, 'Dude, what are you gonna do for the whole year? These fits of rage aren't working.' "
    The Office's John Krasinski, joking about Steve Carell's last year on the show

    "I'm happy and that is it!"
    Glee's Dianna Agron when asked if she's dating anyone

    "I've done two six-year shows now. I've done almost 300 hours of television. I'm gonna be looking, really, to find a way to have more flexibility in my life."
    Lost's Matthew Fox on his plans now that the hit show has wrapped up

    "You're still my family. You're still my brother. I do miss you guys. I love you."
    Paula Abdul, reconnecting with friend and former Idol costar, Ryan Seacrest

    "He's doing very well. I miss him very much. We're thinking about him."
    —Sofia Vergara
    on her boyfriend's, Nick Loeb, progress after a car accident

    "If anybody out there is thinking of mugging her and taking it, call me, we'll split it...I'll play dumb."
    Will Arnet after wife, Amy Poehler, revealed the jewelry she was wearing was valued at $500,000

    "I'm good. I'm just happy to be here."
    Tina Fey joking when asked which of the three Emmys she's nominated for she really wants to win

    "I am a little nervous...but not with you. [Laughs.] You don't make me nervous."
    —Host Jimmy Fallon when asked by Ryan Seacrest if he's nervous

    "I do half an hour on the treadmill and then, if I feel like it, maybe a sit-up or two."
    Kelly Osbourne on her workout routine

    "I rap twice in the first episode. That's all I'll say."
    Glee's Kevin McHale on what we can expect from the show's fall premiere

    "You pretty much stole it [the Emmy] from her. What is it like having America's sweetheart, Kathy Griffin's, blood on your hands?"
    Maggie Griffin, in a letter to Ryan Seacrest about how Kathy really deserves the Emmy he won

    "I don't like blind dates...I want a normal Armenian boy!"
    Kim Kardashian when asked about her dating life

    "I'm not sure if I can, but I'm gonna take the liberty and confirm that the kiss has landed. It's a kiss between two guys. It's really no big deal."
    Modern Family's Sarah Hyland

    "Mine was probably Tatum O'Neal because she was in Bad News Bears. She could play baseball. And that was pretty hot."
    Mad Men's Jon Hamm on his first celebrity crush

    "No. No. And I'm definitely not doing it. I get paid anyway."
    Ricky Gervais on if a decision's been made on replacing Steve Carell on The Office

    "How about Betty White? How about Betty White comes on Breaking Bad as a drug dealer? A nasty, drug-dealing machine gun mama, with a cigar out of her mouth...That'd be fantastic."
    Breaking Bad's Ryan Cranston on who he'd love to work with on the show

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