Miley Cyrus

Yesterday we told you that Miley Cyrus was caught doing a little pelvic stretching on set around her LOL costar, Adam Sevani, and that could have been part of why she and Liam Hemsworth were dunzo.

Well, here's a pic of said flirtation.

So what's the deal? An on-set source weighs in:

"This is nothing more than two kids joking around. Nothing more."

Straight and to the point, we got it. Oh, and we are still hearing from multiple sources it was Cyrus' decision to end their relaysh this time around. Just not because of Adam.

Look, as much as Miley has a thing for her costars and Nick Jonas (yep, we're mentioning him in every post until they get back together) we have no reason to believe these two are on the fast track to dating. At least not until the release date for LOL is closer—that's just how Hollywood works.

Even though these semi-compromising shots of Miles have surfaced, there is still way more naughtiness coming out on Liam's end that you won't read in Star magazine. But hey, when you are as good lookin' as these two babes there is no reason to stay tied down for too long!

Again, our source insists Miley and Liam, who have been on and off without any of us knowing, may eventually get back together.

What do you think? Happy Cyrus and Hemsworth are single, or do you want them to give it another shot? Weigh in below!

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