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The Michael Scott succession race is heating up, and as of today one of the comedy gods from the Arrested Development cast is rumored to be contending for Steve Carell's old job.

So who all is being considered to play the new Scranton office boss, and who should actually get the gig?

You may have heard that Eastbound & Down star Danny McBride is reportedly in the running, and if you're an old fan of Flight of the Conchords you just about died at the news that Rhys Darby is also a contender.

But the best casting rumor we've heard yet is Warming Glow's report that an Arrested Development alum is up for the Dunder Mifflin branch manager gig—likely Portia De Rossi, Jeffrey Tambor or Tony Hale, since Bateman and Cera are busy being movie stars and Will Arnett is Running Wilde on Fox this fall.

Oh, and then there's the fanpaign pushing NBC to hire Michael Emerson, aka Lost's Ben Linus, for the gig. (Can you imagine Ben Linus and Dwight Schrute sharing scenes?!)

Or heck, should the show simply stick with the core cast and mine the comedy gold of petty tyrant Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) getting his dream job?

We can hardly decide, so we're turning to you fans for your take.

The Office Boss Poll
Who should be the new Office boss?

Any other comedy geniuses out there who you think should be taking the reins at Dunder Mifflin Scranton? Hit the comments with your suggestions!


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