Desperately seeking New Orleans orphan for sympathetic photo op.

More sneak peeks of Jesse James' apology tour Nightline interview have surfaced—and the Monster Garage host still seems to have a long way to go before swaying public opinion.

Airing Tuesday, the latest excerpts feature James revealing how hard it is for him to discuss Sandra Bullock and the cheating scandal. "I still really love her and care about her," he says.

Cry us a river.

James, the self-confessed "most hated man in the world," also offers some insight into why he carried on the way he did.

"When I was doing it, you know, one, I knew it was horrible, it made me feel horrible. And two, I knew I would get caught eventually, and I think I wanted to get caught," he says. "I know for a fact now what it was, you know. I mean, it was me trying to self-sabotage my life."

Ironically, James says he saw himself as Bullock's protector: "I've spent my whole life with the kids and with her trying to...protect her from everything, but the most hurt she's ever been caused is by the person that wanted to protect her," James tells ABC's Vicki Mabrey." "It's terrible, and she's going to be hurt for a long time."

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Catch up on the whole sordid story here.

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