Zoe Saldana, The Losers, Jennifer Lopez, The Back Up Plan

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Two gorgeous gals appear in two very different movies opening this weekend, so it really comes down to what you're in the mood for at the multiplex.

Is seeing Jennifer Lopez as a woman who gets pregnant and then meets the guy of her dreams in The Back-up Plan in your, well, plans? Or will you plop down your hard-earned cash and help make Zoe Saldana's explosive actioner The Losers a winner at the box office?

Then again, maybe you'll want to catch up on something you haven't gotten around to yet, like the very lively comedy Death at a Funeral or the current No.1 flick, Kick-Ass

Tell us what you're dying to see, and check in with E! movie guy Ben Lyons on Daily 10, weeknights at 7:30 ET/PT, for all your movie scoop!

Movie Poll! April 22, 2010
Which movie will get you into a theater this weekend?


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