Larry King, Shawn Southwick

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You don't spend every day in front of a news camera without learning a thing or two about controlling a story.

And that's exactly what Larry King is trying to do (with varying success) in the wake of his maybe-divorce from wife No. 7 (marriage No. 8!), Shawn Southwick, letting inquiring minds know today that he's issued a self-imposed media blackout.

"Out of respect for the parties to discuss several issues including but certainly not limited to the welfare of the children, no one from the Larry King side is going to make any comment to the press for two weeks about anything."

Well, talk about your fortuitous timing. It just so happens a story broke today that King probably didn't want to talk about anyway.

Southwick's self-professed side dish—her kids' former Beverly Hills Little League coach, just to keep it classy—pulled a Bombshell and blurted about their alleged closed-doors rendezvous to In Touch Weekly (clearly, fast becoming the unofficial tabloid of extramarital lovers).

Hector Penate—who, despite all this, may still turn out to be the lesser of all involved evils—outed himself as Mrs. Larry King's favorite extracurricular activity, giving plenty of TMI details on their time together and claiming that their first hookup came just two and a half weeks after first meeting in 2007. Southwick has denied the affair.

While the truth may prevail (give or take 14 days' time), the no-comment comment comes in the wake of the 76-year-old temporarily suspending divorce proceedings for two weeks, in order to discuss and hopefully resolve some lingering issues.

Like who exactly has been sleeping with who.

—Reporting by Lindsay Miller


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