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    Alleged Sex Victim to Steven Seagal: Save Your Ink, See You in Court

    Kayden Nguyen, Steven Seagal Todd c. Hartman; George Pimental/Getty Images

    Never mind whether Steven Seagal did what alleged would-be sex slave Kayden Nguyen said he did. Seagal's lawyers insist Nguyen had no right to allege it in the first place.

    According to a letter from attorney to the stars and the Out for Justice star's point man, Marty Singer, Nguyen's lawsuit "is in direct violation of the terms of the confidentiality agreement" she signed back in February, when she entered Seagal's employ.

    Read the letter.

    That means, if she chooses to go forth with her unauthorized disclosure of private information (that is, pursue the lawsuit), Seagal's team vows to take her to the cleaners, seeking attorneys fees, costs and sanctions.

    She has 48 hours to comply, but Seagal & Co. shouldn't hold their breath.

    In a letter back to Singer, Nguyen's attorney, William Waldo, wrote the following:

    "I read the letter you e-mailed last night. Please tell Steven Seagal two things. First, the cheap shot threats that might have intimidated other victims and their lawyers don't phase me. Save your ink.

    "Second, Ms. Nguyen's claims are not going away. Five other victims called me yesterday."

    In other words, hold on. It's going to be a bumpy ride.


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