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Oh, Nicollette. How Edie Britt of you to still be haunting the Desperate Housewives set after your not exactly warming departure last year.

Nicollette Sheridan has sued ABC and D.H. creator Marc Cherry for $20 million for wrongful termination and assault, claiming Cherry slapped her across the face while on the set and then fired her when she complained about it.

ABC says it's standing behind Cherry—calling the claims unmerited—but is it really?

Babes, you have no idea what a pain in the friggin' ass N.S. was on-set. Sure, there were superdiva demands on Sheridan's part, but much more went down than I can even type to ya about.

"Nicollette was let go from the show because she was never prepared at work," according to one knowledgeable D.H. source who seriously doubts the alleged attack. In the opinion of this insider, Ms. S was "a joy to work with but just wasn't professionally ready at times."

There may be more to it, though, as another source suspects:

"Nicollette and Marc treated each other very badly," adds a separate insider, believing Sheridan may not be entirely out of line here with this lawsuit.

"People hated her, but there's not exactly no merit to this," 'fesses this particular source, hot from the Housewives set. "[The lawsuit] isn't entirely out of line."

When Nicollette was fired for good, the cast was given superstrict orders to shut the ef up about what exactly went down regarding Sheridan and Cherry's icy departure. Can't say we're surprised that head honchos are handing out gag orders again.

"The cast, crew and anyone remotely related to the show are on lockdown," adds a source. "No one wants to be the one to let slip what's really happening, and has happened, over there."

No news is fishy news, babes. Let's just say there may be more to Sheridan's side than meets the media eye. Trust. Stay bitchy tuned.

—Additional reporting Taryn Ryder and Jason Kennedy


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