Ricky Gervais


You might not like the Hulk when he's angry, but Ricky Gervais is really funny.

The Invention of Lying star is hopping mad over being misquoted in a British GQ magazine article.

"We talked for some time. The journalist even taped it. What could go wrong?" the comic writes in his blog. "I'll tell you what can go wrong."

He quotes the article's opening line: "Ricky Gervais once said, 'I came to this business uneducated, 5'6", dyslexic, with a face like a squashed cabbage. And they welcomed me with open arms.' "

Only, Ricky never said that, nor is it true. With some appropriately colorful language, he points out that he's 5-foot-8, has a degree in philosophy and isn't dyslexic.

"Where did they get that from? Why didn't they ask me if I said that when we were in the same c---ing room together for a bastard hour?" he writes. "I put the quote into Google."

And what did he find? It was actually Bob Hoskins who said the thing about the cabbage!

"How f--king hard was that?"


You'll find more funny—including Mischa Barton's banana pants—in Fashion Police!

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