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    Is Anybody Team Jesse James?

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    Jesse James, Twitter
    Jesse James, Twitter Twitter

    Lots of people are supporting Sandra Bullock. But is anyone on Team Jesse?
    —Carlene, Bloomfield Hills, MI, via the Answer B!tch inbox

    The closest any A-list star has gotten to publicly supporting Jesse James is Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock's costar in Speed and The Lake House.

    This week a reporter asked Reeves whether he wanted to offer any words of support to Bullock. His response was, well...


    "Yes, of course," he replied. "I mean, for everyone."

    I guess the "everyone" technically includes Jesse James, and maybe even that lady he reportedly had that affair with. Mo'nique sort of made a similar statement, saying, "To my sweet sister Sandra, my prayers are with you. My prayers are also with your husband, baby."

    But beyond that, stars seem squarely on Team Bullock. (And speaking of team this and team that, yes, you can already buy a Team Sandy tee. Team Jesse or Team Angry Tattoo Girl? Not so much.)

    Patti Stanger, Maria Menounos and Holly Robinson Peete have all Tweeted nice things to Sandy. Betty White has had sweet things to say as well.

    "I love her with all my heart," White said this week about Sandra, though she also took care to add that the whole mess is "Sandy's business, not mine."

    For the record, there is a sort of "Team Jesse," but it's largely made up of nonfamous guys. Their argument is that Sandy left Jesse alone for too long while she worked, so it's all her fault, or some Mad Men-era logic like that.

    But if any celebrity guys happen to agree at this hour, they're keeping their yaps shut about it.

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