Jensen Ackles, Chace Crawford, John Krasinski

Eric Charbonneau/Getty Images; Moet; Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images

Aside from scandal, Hollywood loves nothing more than a good superhero blockbuster. The search for Captain America is on this week, and it's rumored that Marvel is conducting screen tests for its leading hunk as we type.

To our disappointment, we hear the yummy Jensen Ackles—who was once in the running—is out due to scheduling conflicts. Damn! Weren't you Supernatural fans pulling for him too?

So let's help Marvel cast The First Avenger: Captain America, shall we? Which stud muffin do you want to see in tight tights battling Nazis and the Red Skull on the big screen?

And sorry, Robert Pattinson is not an option, as The Hollywood Reporter says, they're looking for someone American.

Awful's Cast a Hunk Poll
Which rumored dude should be Hollywood's next leading superhero?


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