American Chopper


American Chopper has run out of gas.

TLC's reailty show about cutomized bikes and the dysfunctional family that builds 'em will come to a screeching halt on Thursday, after six seasons.

But the demise is hardly a surprise.

While the show always focused on the bickering Paul, Paul "Paulie" Jr. and Michael Teutul, it was usually played for laughs—at least until things took a seriously bad turn last year.

Paul and Paul Jr. had a major falling out over money, with Paulie leaving the family's New York-headquartered Orange County Choppers to form his own business last spring, then getting embroiled in a nasty lawsuit with his father by year's end.

"The show has always been about building one-of-a-kind bikes and the drama of running a family business," network parent Discovery Communications said in a statement. "The Teutuls will always be part of the Discovery family and we congratulate them on a tremendously successful series run."

During its run, American Chopper featured guest stars like Sarah Palin and Jon and Kate Gosselin, and spawned a line of videogames.

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