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    Survivor: Palau's Jennifer Lyon Loses Cancer Battle

    Jennifer Lyon, Survivor: Palau Monty Brinton/CBS

    After a nearly five-year public battle with breast cancer, Survivor: Palau's Jennifer Lyon has died at the age of 37.

    But not before leaving a lasting impact.

    "This has really rocked the Survivor community," Survivor: Panama castaway Austin Carty, whom Lyon briefly dated, told Us Weekly. "It's just so sad. She was engaged in the greatest fight of her life, but she had every intention to fight and spread her positive messages.

    "Jenn was a genuinely selfless, sweet-natured person. She always had a smile. She cared about every person."

    The fourth-place finisher, who entered the competition as a nanny and graduate student from Encino, Calif., was diagnosed with stage-three breast cancer back in 2005, just a few months after competing with her fellow Castaways. After undergoing a radical bilateral mastectomy and courses of chemotherapy, Lyon became an outspoken advocate for breast cancer awareness.

    A regular participant and even host of fundraisers and events for breast cancer research, Lyon's personal website lists a rundown of the charities and nonprofit organizations she supported throughout her struggle. It asks visitors to "take a little time to visit some of the sites Jenn feels are worth your while."

    RIP, Jenn.


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