Tiger Woods, Elin Woods

AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

Tiger Woods, hiding out, but not exactly saving face, in New York.

T-Dubya has been shacking up at the Trump Hotel at 1 Central Park West, sources confirm to the A.T. So has his wife, Elin, joined him?

Yeah right. The paps have been staking out the hotel like it's their job. Oh wait...

Sources inside the luxury towers tell us the missus hasn't come a knockin', and if we were Woods, we wouldn't be expecting her anytime soon, either. Not without her big-gun attorneys, that's fer sure.

T.W. has been doing his best to keep a very low profile there, which for him, means going back and forth between hitting the bar and barricading himself in his room. Supposedly, Woods has been boozing and fraternizing with some females there. Hardly the actions of a dude trying to woo his wife back.

More outwardly femme-centric back in Miami was...

Lady Gaga, hitting South Beach for a night on the town, turning up at Lincoln Road's notorious boys-only bar Score on Saturday night.

After performing a concert in downtown Miami (third show in about 24 hours), Gaga kept the party going with a little impromptu serenade for her gayest monsters, singing a bit of "Bad Romance" at the club.

Way to stay true to the audience who made you, doll!

Lurking elsewhere in the sultry sandy area...
Jared Leto, biking on a retro-looking bicycle, New Year's Day, going south on Ocean Drive, wearing a sexy, white V-neck tee and some cool Ray-Bans. The white V? Perfect for getting caught in the rain, which he without a doubt did.

And then, down the road, also in South Beach...

Kelly Rowland, frequenting the posh Brownes Salon with her mom and sister over the holidays.

Beyoncé's former bandmate was "nice as can be" as she and her family enjoyed some manicures and pedicures.

We're told Kel looked gorgeous, as usual, as she rocked her South Beach au naturel look.

Anyone else miss Destiny's Child?

—Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder and Martin Haro


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