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    Ho Ho Ho Awards! Who's the Biggest Skank of '09?

    Tiger Woods, David Letterman Chris Weeks/Getty Images; AP Photo/Evan Agostini

    It's that annoying time of year again, folks, when we just have to sum up every damn thing that's gone down in Hollywood in 2009.

    Don't know about you, but we think these have been 12 months of super sleaze, with all these skankyass hookups, affairs and dirty douche-bag beatdowns.

    So we're gonna need your help in deciding which celebs shall receive some not exactly honorable awards and mentions.

    Behold the Ho Ho Ho Awards!

    We've narrowed our list down to 20 celebs who we think need to be recognized for their stinky ways. We've got 10 rounds of different Ho categories, so vote for whichever star you think deserves the slutty crown!

    Let's begin:

    You thought those shy, funny boys were just aw-shucks and sweet nothings behind the scenes, right? Wrong! Here's why:

    He-Man Heave-Ho: David Letterman vs. Tiger Woods

    David Letterman This late-night host found himself at the center of an extortion scandal 'cause he couldn't keep his pants zipped. Letterman had to either pay his former employee $2 million or else his affairs with various staff members would be made public. Dave beat the guy to the punch, confessing to his indiscretions on his show. And yes, ratings went up. 

    Tiger Woods: So how does the biggest sports star in the world juggle 14 (and counting!) supposed mistresses on the side? Answer: practice. At least we know if Tiger never goes back to golf, he'll always have a home on Tool Academy.


    Get even more dirty with our Best of 2009: Juiciest Scandals! gallery.



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