Jamie Jungers

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You may think we're taking a jab at the latest lady to join the Tiger Woods alleged mistress train, but seriously, it's all just a part of her gig.

E! News has learned that Jamie Jungers, the fourth woman linked to Woods' alleged extramarital activities, worked as a Trashy Lingerie "Trashy Girl" on and off for nearly two years in Las Vegas.

Mary Loomis-Shrier, owner of the supersexy line, explains the events she puts on in various Vegas casinos, where women don her best lingerie and accompany high rollers around Sin City for a long weekend—events she says Tiger Woods never took part in. Enter Jamie Jungers.

"I was shocked," Loomis-Shrier says of first hearing the news about her former employee's alleged link to Woods. "I called her and said, 'Congratulations...I think.' Jamie laughed and admitted it to me. She has nothing to hide. She didn't do anything wrong.  She's a good girl. It's all good for her."

While that sentiment is open for much scrutiny, Loomis-Shrier echoes earlier comments made by Jungers' mother: "I was shocked to hear it was her because of her personality," admits Loomis. "Some of the girls are really fun and crazy; she was not one of them. She was sweet, approachable, very prompt, always returned her clothes on time."

However, the Trashy boss also tells E! News that there are two sides to every story.

"When I spoke to someone else who knew, she said she totally believed [the Tiger Woods rumor]. She said Jamie is wild and crazy, so there's a different side to the story that what was portrayed to me as her boss."

And as a boss, Loomis-Shrier is quick to defend her business and her reputation. "I had a very strict no-drug policy, alcohol was fine, and a zero-prostitution policy."

In fact, as a Trashy Girl, Jungers' duties would include going to Las Vegas for a VIP weekend event, usually held at the Palms Casino, where Loomis-Shrier would bring around 30 girls to "hang out" with the guys.

"We would do meet and greets, then the girls would sit with the guys while they were playing in the high-roller lounge. It was just hanging out, and the girls would get paid if the guy they were sitting with got a hot streak," she says.

And what would the cocktail waitress/aspiring model earn for such an event? "An average girl went home with $5,000 for the weekend, and the highest a girl ever got was $50,000."

Although Loomis-Shrier has not been in touch with Jungers, whom she employed from 2005 to 2007 in what she described as "a while," she says that she did receive her consent before speaking to E! News: "I spoke with Jamie this morning...I told her reporters were calling me, asking about her, and she said to call them back and tell them the truth. I wouldn't have talked to reporters at all about her if Jamie didn't want me to. My allegiance is with my girls."

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