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So this handsome, kinda beefy matinee hunk was doing sit-ups next to the boxing area at the Hollywood YMCA. And he just couldn't help but move over to the young kids who were hittin' the bag to tell them what they were doing wrong.

Funny thing, these street types—punching away like they're hittin' their toughest enemies—just couldn't wait to hear what Mr. Movie Star had to advise them!

Is that because fame lets you do whatever you want anytime and anywhere? Yeah, ya got that right.

So which bossy beefcake was it?

Guess the Gossip: Nov. 17, 2009
Which Oscar-nominated know-it-all told amateur boxers how to punch?

Answer: Ryan Gosling, of course!

Rachel McAdams' ex, in loose blue shorts and a muscle tee (with a shiny gold watch and a bigass tat on his bicep) strutted on over to the group of young boxers and told them precisely how to throw their hooks. Surprisingly, none of the hell-bent tough types threw a punch at Gosling for interrupting them.

Instead, all the guys stood transfixed while the star of The Notebook and Fracture gave them kinda pushy tips. But Gosling sure looked doable while he did it: Bod's in super condition, all chiseled and more pumped than he's been in the past. No wonder Michelle Williams got slobbery all over him while they filmed the upcoming Blue Valentine.

Dude's a new muscle-muffin, for sure!


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