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    Glee's Cory Monteith Screams: "I'm Not Zac Efron!"

    Glee, Cory Monteith Patrick Ecclesine/FOX

    Supercutie Glee star Cory Monteith gave us all kinds of surprises the other night at the launch party for Assassin's Creed 2 (that's a video game, people) at Voyeur. Also, it's not R.Pattz-time or anything, but gotta say we now have a massive crush on the singing hunk.

    First off, he's tall. Gotta say, that is impossible to find in this town, trust. And clearly we weren't the only ones who felt this way. The gals blindly flocked around Cory pretty much all night. And, man, was he into them (if you catch our gaydar drift). But more importantly, what did C.M. have to say about that daunting Zac Efron and his High School Musical crew?

    Do read on:

    How does it feel to be an overnight sensation? And please don't give us the "nothing's changed" crap answer…
    "The big difference is when I'm doing interviews, people aren't like, 'So the show Glee—what's it like? It's a lot like High School Musical.' I'm like, 'No it's not!' "

    Basically the reporters just want you to give some fuzzy Zac Efron quote?
    "Exactly! I'm not Zac Efron! That was the biggest and most welcome change to my life—that I don't have to explain the show and explain how it's not like High School Musical anymore. Now everyone's seen it for at least five minutes!"

    Oh, more than five minutes, at least 15.
    "You're too nice."

    Since you're actually giving some fun, honest answers, what's the cast like? Do you really all get along and hang out off the set?
    "Yeah [we do]! It's a huge plus."

    It seems like for the most part, you guys stay out of the Hollywood scene—is that on purpose? Are you all consciously not going the Lindsay Lohan route and clubhopping all over the place with your new fame?
    "I don't really party like that. I legitimately don't. I have no real place to be at [clubs]. This is cool 'cause it's chill, and I can kind of work and talk about the show, do press and still hangout with my homeboys and play video games."

    Hear that, ladies?

    Cory said homeboys. He's definitely straight (blame it on Canada). Seriously, while we were chatting with him, we got zero gay vibes at all. And it's not like plenty of folks haven't wondered, let's get real: When you see a singing, dancing hunk o' man shake it on TV, it's pretty clear what a lot of people think, sexuality wise.

    Inside the club, Cory had zero problem attracting the drooling females, and C.M. sure dropped jaw right back. Girls flocked around him as he stood there looking yummy in the smoking section—and Monteith worked his inner Jeremy Piven rather discreetly, sorry, just gotta say it.

    Wonder if rumored girlfriend (and costar) Lea Michele would mind, though? Cory wouldn't confirm or deny what was going down there. We tried.

    But something tells us this guy ain't gonna be pinned down. Not for a while. At least that's what his eyes and hands say, certainly not his mouth.


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