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    You Try Getting Randy & Evi Quaid in a Courtroom

    Randy Quaid, Evi Quaid Jesse Grant/Getty Images

    Randy and Evi Quaid still aren't up for a road trip just yet.

    After failing to turn up three other times to answer to charges of stiffing a resort on their $10,000 bill, the couple opted to pass on appearing in a Santa Barbara court on Monday as well, despite the fact that they had requested this date.

    Santa Barbara District Attorney spokesman Lee Carter didn't sound surprised when the twosome failed to turn up.

    "I've been burned...but I'm not going believe they're going to be here until I see them," he told E! News earlier today. "It's still voluntary. I can't make them show up, at least not yet."

    The Quaids did, however, call into court this afternoon to ask what's going to be happening now.

    Answer: The same thing that's been happening since the last time they didn't show.

    Carter told E! that the extradition process is still underway, though who knows when the Quaids would be physically returned to California. They could choose to fight extradition, and it's unknown yet whether or not Texas authorities are onboard.

    Meanwhile, the warrant for their arrest in Santa Barbara remains active, and the judge has refused to put another hearing on the calendar until after they have either turned themselves in and posted bond or been extradited.

    The actor and his wife are facing counts of defrauding an innkeeper, burglary and conspiracy for skipping out on a $10,000 bill at the luxurious San Ysidro Ranch. The Quaids have promised to make good on the bill.


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