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Though some H'wood types are caught stiffing their waiters without a tip, not every celeb is stuck-up when it comes to treating servers with respect. Some actually go above and beyond what's expected of them—almost makes us wish we were in the restaurant biz so we could feel the love.

There's one par-tick 'N Syncer who was one such gem recently while out for a bite. Can ya guess which generous dude did the good deed?

Guess the Gossip: Nov. 2, 2009
Which former boy bander was a big-spending guest while out to eat?

Answer: Lance Bass!

(Though we totally wouldn't put it past Timberlake to woo a bangin' waitress with his private digits.)

Lancey was dining with friends at Pacific Time restaurant in Miami, ordering a bunch of tuna courses and espresso martinis for his crew. After finishing their feast, the Bass peeps were about to settle the bill and hit up the eatery's About Last Night party when they discovered the whole meal had been taken care of. Oh the perks of being rich and famous!

Still, L.B. didn't screw over his server: He dropped $400 for the tip. Hey, the meal came free, and that 'N Sync residual money's gotta go somewhere!

—Additional reporting by Martin Haro and Becky Bain

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