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Robert Pattinson


Everyone still seems to be worked up about our boy Robert Pattinson supposedly having a love affair with alcohol. 

An Australian tabloid, NW (the same source claiming girlfriend Kristen Stewart was pregnant, mind you—which she wasn't), reports that Rob is on the fast track to Lohan-ville.

"Rob's drinking to excess and indulging in other dangerous behavior," a source tells the magazine. "His people are very worried and starting to think he should go to rehab."

We know tabs love to exaggerate—but is there any truth to this one?

After all, we heard Rob likes to throw 'em back before auditions sometimes just for luck, ya know?

Our insiders insist they don't know of any "drinking problem" Rob has.

Friends and coworkers of R.Pattz tell us the guy is nothing but professional at work. As far as we hear a little tequila isn't interfering with Rob's duties at all.

Don't get us wrong—we know R.P. dances close with tequila on more than just occasion, but a little boozing is kinda to be expected with a 23-year-old, right? 

As long as Rob gets his s--t done, we can't give the guy a hard time for wanting to unwind when he gets a break...which he does. Still, though, we have our eye on our favorite messy-haired boy; it's a slippery slope with this stuff, trust.

We're just giving him the benefit of the doubt here since high-up execs insist the dude is easy to manage (which he wouldn't be if he was hungover all the time).

After all, on the Twilight premiere carpet last year it wasn't Rob's breath that reeked of alcohol. Any takers on whose did? 


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