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    Twilight Insider: Vamp Lips as Tight as Taylor's Abs

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    Unfortunately, yesterday we heard about how bad the stalkarazzi (paps, fans and media) sitch is getting up in Vancouver. So how are Summit and the cast dealing with it all?

    By shutting up. Or attempting to, at least.

    We're told confidentiality agreements have been whipped out in full force. So is Robert Pattinson's team behind the unpleasant muzzling?

    Not at all.

    "The whole Twilight franchise is demanding confidentiality from everybody, not just Rob," dishes one of our concerned and deepest Twi insiders.

    Remember, Rob's peeps are all take-no-crap business when it comes to their client, and they're desperately trying to protect him from any of the rampant tabloid exploitation (although most of the time it's not possible to stop). Like we said, even goody-two-shoes People was in the doghouse back in summer with the "Rob's Messy Love Life" stuff.

    "Rob's management always has his best interest [in mind]," our insider says. "They really are great to work with."

    So breathe easy, R.Pattz fans, our boy is in good hands.

    As for the rest of the cast? We hear everyone is cooperating with the sign-it-and-shut-up agreements.

    "Everyone from the stars to the caterers are keeping their lips sealed," dishes our in-the-know source.

    So like we told you last week: For the upcoming New Moon press tour, expect Rob, Kristen, Taylor and the gang to have their spiels down pat.

    We aren't getting our hopes up for any juicy love bits from any of the cast. They very much have an approved and not-approved list of topics to chat about.

    Looks like it's back to analyzing every glance, look and touch...again.

    Oh, one last question: Wonder what Nikki Reed's penalty would be should she ever be caught blabbing about scandalous stuff on the set? Just asking.


    Less than a month 'til New Moon rises. Get excited.