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    Finally! Conrad Murray ThisClose to Arrest!

    Dr. Conrad Murray, Estate AP Photo/Daniel Gluskoter; AP Photo/Houston Chronicle

    OK, so it has nothing to do with Michael Jackson, but still, we'll take whatever developments we can get at this point.

    Dr. Conrad Murray, the man investigators are (very, very slowly) closing in on in the King of Pop's death, found himself wanted for an entirely different reason this morning.

    The Las Vegas District Attorney's Office confirms to E! News that a bench warrant for Murray's arrest has been recommended to the court after the not-so-good doctor failed to show up for a child-support hearing yesterday.

    Murray was expected to appear in Clark County Court to answer why he hasn't paid some $13,000 in back payments to baby mama Nenita Malibiran. Where he was instead is anybody's guess.

    Still continuing his surely waning lucky streak of charges not quite sticking to him, no warrant has been issued against him...yet.

    "There's a 10-day objection period, so he has 10 days to respond before that would happen," D.A. spokeswoman Tess Driver told E! News.

    Not that that's the only potential punishment the office has in store for Murray. Driver said they also plan to recommend to the Nevada medical board that his license be suspended.

    Better late than never, we suppose.


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