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    Object of David Letterman's Affection Went by Many Names

    She may have known her current events, but we doubt Stephanie Birkitt could have predicted the future.

    It turns out that the 34-year-old New Hampshire native, a former assistant on The Late Show With David Letterman, is the woman at the center of CBS employee Robert Halderman's alleged plot to extort $2 million from Letterman in exchange for keeping quiet about past affairs.

    Multiple news outlets have identified Birkitt—or "Smitty," "Vicky" or "Monty," depending on which skit you saw—as the funnyman's onetime paramour.

    According to reports, Birkitt recently lived with Halderman, and the so-called packet of damning documentation he presented to Letterman included copies of pages from Birkitt's diary and correspondence between her and her former boss.

    Aka "the best boss" she ever had.

    That's how Birkitt characterized him in a 2002 piece about Dave in Entertainment Weekly.

    She told the Fort Worth Star Telegram in 2004 that appearing on camera with Letterman was like "hanging out onstage with your buddy."

    "He's just fun," she told the paper. "And he's happy, and he's nice, and he's extremely generous with us. And he's just playful. We play catch sometimes in the office, and we all go to screenings together. We eat food together, we sit around and watch TV together and goof on people. And he teases me in real life, too, but I give it back a lot more in real life."

    What we want to know is, who's this "us"?

    Letterman himself said last night that he had sex with women on his staff, not just one woman.


    Here's the latest on what's happening with the alleged extortionist.