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    Date Like a Celebrity! Katherine Heigl Edition

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    Katherine Heigl
    Katherine Heigl Jeffrey Ufberg/Getty Images

    You guys totally loved our last dating column with Ashley Greene—we're just sorry she couldn't give you any advice on how to get Robert Pattinson to notice you. (Our advice? Star in a movie with him.) Because the riddles of romance never go away, we hit up another famously outspoken femme to get her advice on another user-submitted love Q: Katherine Heigl!

    Kath would know a thing or two about romance—she's still busting out those romantic comedies, and she recently got married to musician Josh Kelley. How did Heigl-hon get him to commit?

    She tells us, "I made him a meal, and I swear he proposed to me after." How domestic! Read on for some romantic tips:

    Dear Awful Truth:
    I met a really cute, funny guy, and we've been dating for a while. But he's got a lot of annoying habits that really irritate me on a daily basis. Is it possible I can mold him into what I want in a perfect boyfriend?
    —Sorta Satisfied

    Dear S2:
    Don't bother. There are cute guys out there with d-bag personalities (Doug Reinhardt's just one of 'em) and charming, funny dudes who have no idea how to dress themselves (Jonah Hill). I bet even Channing Tatum's got some non-ab attributes you wouldn't love, tho it fails me to name any at this moment. (Oh wait, he's married.)

    And Katherine, who totally agrees with us, had this to say on the matter:

    "Crazy town! No, don't do that...that's nuts. If you go into it thinking 'Oh, he's a diamond in the rough; I'll change him,' maybe you can, but you're more bound to be let down. You can't change somebody, but you can compromise and meet in the middle."

    Got a dating Q you want answered by a celeb? Email the Awful Truth and you might see it here!

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