Tour Promoter Hired Michael Jackson's MIA Mystery Doctor

    Dr. Conrad Robert Murray, Michael Jackson, UCLA Medical Center GSI Mmedia, AP Photo/Houston Chronicle

    Where in the world is Michael Jackson's doctor?

    L.A.'s finest are continuing to search for a Houston-based cardiologist who was on the scene Thursday when the King of Pop went into cardiac arrest at his home and died suddenly. But the good news is, now they have a name to go on.

    E! News has identified Jackson's personal physician as Dr. Conrad Robert Murray, who had been living in the 50-year-old "Thriller" star's rented Holmby Hills mansion.

    Houston station KHOU interviewed a medical assistant at the Acres Home Heart and Vascular Institute, who confirmed that Murray was present at the time Jackson was stricken and administering CPR before paramedics arrived. But she hadn't been able to reach him despite numerous attempts. Murray also has offices in Nevada.

    Investigators want to talk to the doctor as part of a standard probe into the music legend's death, though no foul play is suspected at this time.

    Questions were raised Thursday after authorities towed a BMW with Texas plates from Jackson's home. The car was registered to Murray's sister. LAPD Officer Tenesha Dobine tells E! News "there may have been some medication inside the vehicle that the coroner needs for its investigation."

    Meanwhile, it has since been confirmed that AEG Live, the promoter behind Jackson's proposed 50-night concert series, hired Murray to accompany the singer to London.

    Jackson family friend Majestik Magnificence tells E! News that Jackson met Murray when he was living in Las Vegas. As far as the particulars of Jackson's health are concerned, Magnificence said the family is waiting to find out the results of the coroner's toxicology tests before commenting further.

    Jackson rep Dr. Tohme Tohme told the Los Angeles Times Friday that Murray had only been in town for about two weeks. The doc had sent a letter to his patients, dated June 15, informing them that he would be leaving his practice indefinitely—presumably to go work for Jackson.

    Here's what else we've learned about Murray...

    • He is licensed to practice medicine in both Texas and California.
    • He has been sued twice for breach of contract in Clark County (Las Vegas) by creditors. Last year, HICA Education Loan Corp was awarded $71,332.45 in a case against him.
    • His Houston business, Acres Home Heart and Vascular Institute, was on the losing end in a September 2008 case and ordered to pay the plaintiff, Popular Leasing CA, more than $135,000.
    • Capital One sued him through a debt-collection law firm and was awarded $1,473 last December.

      Michael's brother Jermaine earlier stated that Jackson's physician had attempted to revive him before medics arrived, though he did not identify Murray by name.


      —Additional reporting by Ashley Fultz and Lindsay Miller

      (Originally published June 26, 2009, at 10:55 a.m. PT)