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Yeah, you probably thought this Miss California stuff was over. It's not, because Shanna Moakler is still pissed at Carrie Prejean: "Miss California USA pageant, just lost another sponsor.. way to go carrie! paving the way for the other titleholders after your sh--ty reign."

• Al Roker was called out by TMZ for twitpic-ing a jury duty photo: "Must be a slow news day. Was stalked by video-razzi from TMZ and the NY POST because I posted a pic from the jury room on Twitter." As a matter of fact, it is a slow news day.

D-lister fight! Take it awayAdrianne Curry: "stumbled across Tila Tequila bragging about her super duper famous A list babies daddy. Starf--kers make my skin crawl....." Aren't these the best fights?

Today's life-changing epiphany day for Kirstie Alley; this is just one of them: "I love it when I learn something major.Today I realized I am not afraid of people who belittle me or my religion.They are cowards.Sad 4 them". Also, she's coming to terms with being a hero.

• Elizabeth Taylor was just released from the hospital, so her Prop 8 reaction is a little delayed: "There is no such thing as a 'Gay' agenda. It's a human agenda. The California Supreme Court decision on Prop. 8...TERRIBLE!!!!"

It's so comforting when Diddy checks in with us: "Hey people. How's your day going? How you feeling? Are you focused? Are you happy?"

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