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    Robert Pattinson Was a Baby Once

    Robert Pattinson, Life and Style Magazine Life & Style

    As you may have noticed, we're in the process of changing E! Online into the No. 1 Twilight destination in the universe. So it only makes sense to present you with the Robert Pattinson baby photos Life & Style dug up to go along with all the New Moon love triangles, nutbushing and cheesy shirtless werewolves.

    Yes, that little boy up there in the police hat is the sparkly vampire who drives all the ladies insane now. We've got a couple more...and then a penis implant story.

    Robert Pattinson, Life and Style Magazine Life & Style
    Robert Pattinson, Kim Kardashian, Life and Style Magazine Life & Style

    In grown-up Rob Pattz news, he tells Moviefone that shooting New Moon has been a "very different experience" because now everyone has to watch their backs all the time.

    "Last time we were just kind was so easy to get the entire cast together. We'd all have dinner almost every day and be able to talk about it freely and stuff. Now it's quite difficult to even leave the hotel. And all these random little stories become someway, somehow newsworthy, so you have to be very secretive about everything."

    We have no idea what he's talking about...

    So we're all suffering through another six months before New Moon hits theaters, but there's always the Salvador Dalí biopic Little Ashes, which includes way more of Rob than we'll ever get in the Twilight series. When asked how he dealt with so much nakedness, he says:

    "I had so many ridiculous answers just come into my head. I had a penis implant! I don't know, I just kind of, it's funny because Spanish people are so...have no problem with nudity at all, I mean at all, and English people obviously do have, like, the most enormous problem with it. It's like little things, like when I saw my father getting changed for swimming, I got, like, traumatized by it...I don't really know what I did, I just kind of freaked out a bit."

    We can always count on Rob for adorable little quotes like that.

    That concludes this Rob Pattz post, but don't worry, there will probably be another one somewhere on the site before the day is over.