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    Twilight Role Is das Prize for German Reality Show

    Twilight Deana Newcomb/ Summit Entertainment

    If there's a sudden surge of teenage expatriates in the next few months, this is why.

    Like a pied piper for hormonal teenage girls, Germany's RTL network has unveiled plans to launch a reality-TV show in which the grand prize is a chance to touch Rob Pattinson a role in one of the forthcoming Twilight sequels.

    According to the Hollywood Reporter, 12 young actresses will compete in Mission Hollywood, flexing their thespian prowess in a series of tasks ranging from carrying out stunts to reenacting scenes from classic films—think Dirty Dancing, not Gone With the Wind.

    And, more important, think competition the likes of which have never been seen.

    Three judges will offer their quippy critiques. Two of them—Germany's biggest star, Til Schweiger (apologies, David Hasselhoff), and acting coach Bernard Hiller—are the permanent panelists, while the third seat will be filled by a rotating celeb. Among those already attached to participate are Carmen Electra and German A-listers Thomas Kretschmann and Moritz Bleibtreu.

    While it's unclear as yet which installment of the Twilight series the winner will appear in, it's not likely to be the already-in-production New Moon. The competition kicks off June 8.

    In the meantime, those not lucky enough to hold dual citizenship can bask in the pop-culture phenomenon that is Edward Cullen & Co. stateside, when the unofficial fan festival TwiCon—think ComiCon, but with more squealing—takes place in Dallas July 30-Aug. 2.

    The event will feature a Twilight screening, Twilight-inspired band performances, a Volturi Masque Ball, possible cast panels and, of course, a hall chock-full of vendors, all of whom are likely looking forward to their early retirement on Aug. 3.

    Twihard fans lacking a visa can still get up close and personal with the Forks gang by checking out our New Moon Rising gallery.

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