Looky-Loo, Previous Idol Auditioner Arrested Outside Britney Spears' House

    Britney Spears' Calabasas Estate, Britney Spears, Miranda Tozier-Robbins Fame Pictures; Jeremy Cowart/Getty Images; Lost Hills Sheriff's Station

    When the popster's away, the fans shall play.

    A camouflage-clad woman was arrested for trespassing Thursday morning after allegedly sneaking into Britney Spears' gated community and peeking through the windows of the singer's Calabasas, Calif., home, E! News has confirmed.

    According to the Malibu/Lost Hills Station, an L.A. County Sheriff's deputy arrested 26-year-old Miranda Tozier-Robbins on suspicion of trespassing and disorderly conduct after security guards spied her peeping into Spears' abode.

    After realizing, "Hey, that isn't the window washer," one of the private guards asked her to leave the prestigious Oaks neighborhood. When she seemed reluctant to do so, they physically escorted her off the property and called the cops.

    While originally held on $5,000 bail, Tozier-Robbins, was released after agreeing to appear June 16 in a Malibu court.

    Police said Spears was not home at the time, but her presence is near. Her Circus tour rode into Los Angeles this week, and she's playing Staples Center tonight and tomorrow.

    But that means Tozier-Robbins—an aspiring star herself, it turns out—was out of luck if she was hoping to sing for Spears.

    E! News has exclusively learned that Tozier-Robbins auditioned for American Idol in Boston in October 2005 with the Spears tune "Everytime"—and made it to the second round.

    Obviously, she didn't make it into the spotlight, but it was an improvement for her after being denied a golden ticket the previous year in Orlando. She subsequently blogged all about her experience.

    In addition to listing Spears as her favorite artist, Tozier-Robbins wrote in her "about me" section: "I have issues but I'm working on them."

    When contacted by E! News for comment, Miranda's mother, Barbara Tozier-Robbins, had no idea that her daughter had tried to get so close to her idol, let alone been arrested earlier today.

    "You are kidding," she said. "I knew she was a fan of [Britney]. I don't know why she would go there."

    "She's never been in trouble before," Barbara added. "I guess she just wanted to see Britney."

    The elder Tozier-Robbins also acknowledged that her daughter had tried out for American Idol a few years back but not because she had a chance of winning.

    "We told her she couldn't sing...we would joke with her," Miranda's mom said. "In school she did music, but not singing."

    —Additional reporting by Whitney English

    (Originally published April 16, 2009, at 4:39 p.m. PT)

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