Drew Barrymore, Justin Long


We just can't help but be into Drew Barrymore and Justin Long.

Ever since their breakup last summer, we've been holding out hope that the cute costars would eventually reconcile, and lately, it sure seems to be heading in that direction.

While Drew and Justin simply kept it cordial last month as they promoted He's Just Not That Into You, the two were seen out together one night a couple of weeks ago, where they reportedly found themselves in a bit of a lip-lock.

But this weekend the pair ventured out together (in the daytime, no less!) for a little lunch at The Farmers Market in Hollywood. When asked if they are dating again, Drew's rep told us, "Nope, but I appreciate the chance to respond!"

Meanwhile, here's your chance to respond. Do you think Drew and Justin should get back together, or should he not even bother trying to be Charlie to her Angel?

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