Katy Perry, Josh Groban

Jon Furniss/ Getty Images, Mike Guastella/Getty Images

• Katy Perry and Josh Groban are back to not dating, according to Groban's rep.

• Lauren Conrad blogs that her clothing line is not over, she's just taking a break to make it awesome.

G.I. Jane is Demi Moore’s favorite Demi Moore movie, which seems sort of unexpected, although she did shave her head for that. Actors probably have a special connection with their head-shaving movies.

And Shenae Grimes was all, “What you doing stealing my leggings and looking all hotter than me in them, Megan Fox?!

It’s probably too early to think about this, but Octomom tried topless dancing for a bit but quit when she realized lap dances were part of the gig.

Freida Pinto is totally killing it with the whole getting cast by awesome directors thing. Along with an upcoming Woody Allen film, she'll also work with Julian Schnabel.

Yeah, Blake Lively is trying a little too hard with the jokes on Letterman.

Violet Affleck and Paris Hilton are dressing the same age in this morning's Big Pic.

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