Selena Gomez is showing off her sassy side.

The singer-actress stars in the new indie flick The Fundamentals of Caring as a hitchhiker who befriends the caretaker (Paul Rudd) of a wheelchair-bound young man (Craig Roberts).

And only E! News has an exclusive clip showing Gomez dropping one of her many f-bombs in the movie. In the scene, they head to see the deepest man-made quarry pit with another new friend they pick up along the way, a young mom-to-be played by Megan Ferguson.

But when Roberts reveals their plans have changed, Gomez isn't having it.

Watch the video above to see the exclusive clip.


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The Fundamentals of Caring, Selena Gomez


The Fundamentals of Caring is available on Netflix today.

Based on Jonathan Evison's bestselling novel of the same name, the film is directed and co-written by Rob Burnett, who served as The Late Late Show with David Letterman's longtime executive producer.

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