Kurt Russell


What happened, Kurt Russell?!

The 64-year-old actor was spotted out in New Orleans yesterday with bloody cuts and bruises all over his face and arms.

Goldie Hawn's other half looked injured and, frankly, much worse for wear while strolling around in casual sweatpants, sandals and a gray T-shirt. Russell also donned messy hair with a few bandages over his cheeks and forehead.

So what's the story behind Russell's cuts and bruises? 

Happily, it turns out he's not actually hurtin'. It's just movie makeup for his role in the upcoming Deepwater Horizon, which is currently filming in Louisiana. In fact, Kate Hudson is also in the flick with her step-dad, making for a family affair!

Kurt Russell

Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

In the drama, Russell plays an oil rig worker who survives a deadly explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.

In other news, he recently sounded off on all that drama between step-son Oliver Hudson and his (and Kate's) biological dad, Bill Hudson.

After Oliver blasted Bill with a scathing Father's Day Instagram, Russell told E! News, "I understood Oliver's sense of humor, and since then there's been some nice back and forth between Bill and Oliver and that's nice to see. You want people to enjoy life as much as they can."

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