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Kelly Rowland's first child, son Titan Jewell Weatherspoon, turns eight months old on the Fourth of July.

At the Samsung Galaxy Experience at the 2015 Essence Festival in New Orleans, the 34-year-old R&B singer chatted with E! News exclusively about her growing baby boy.

"He is trying to walk right now—he probably lifts up on anything he can," Rowland said. "He tries and he is doing well! He is the most amazing human being I am so grateful that God made me apart of his journey in life so I am blessed."

Kelly Rowland

Rowland gave birth to her and husband Tim Weatherspoon's son on Nov. 4. Less than two months after she gave birth, Rowland debuted a slim post-baby body. So what's her weight loss secret?

Well, she's got her personal trainer, for starters.

"Jeanette Jenkins is amazing," she told E! News. "I go to Soul Cycle with Angela Davis, who is a goddess but Jeanette really taught me about eating. I learned all nutrition from her. "

"I just knew what things I should have and what things I shouldn't have," Rowland said. "l believe in the 80/20 rule—Eighty percent of the time you eat food that is good for you and what your body needs and 20 percent you can eat the things you like. I love chocolate and I love sweets. I completely let myself go here in NOLA I went to Acme [Oyster House] last night and had the most amazing chargrilled oysters and I plan on going back there today!"

Really.... The HAPPIEST place on earth! #ACME #essencefestival2015 #Samsung NOLA

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Kelly Rowland

Aside from her new, super busy job as a new mom, Rowland is keeping busy with her music, a guest role on FOX's hit show Empire (!!!), BET's new reality show Chasing Destiny—in which she'll judge female singers striving to join a new girl group. She was joined at the Essence Festival by coworker Frank Gatson Jr., Beyoncé's creative director who was also Destiny's Child's choreographer.

Rowland is also hoping to launch her own jewelry and makeup lines.

"Because I have had Titan, I have been so intrigued with children clothes and I even make some of Titans clothes from scratch, 'cause some of the things I see, I am like, 'That would be so cute for him' and I get it cut down and made for him," Rowland told E! News. "So if I am this intrigued by it, I said maybe I should tap into it a little bit and see what happens."

And what about a second child for Rowland and her hubby?

"Not for a while, not for a while," she told E! News. "I am almost at my goal weight after this baby. I want to give it another three years. I absolutely want to give him a brother or sister—just one more I will have. Just not right now."

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